At least once a day, let your imagination get in the way! ~Issac Webb

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy birthday to our twins!! This little gal, with her wistful eyes and windswept hair, reminded me of our Sami, so I made it into a charm for the birthday girl!
(I included the pencil in the shot to show you the wee size.)


Alice said...

very cool! i think she will love it! i know i would if it were mine :)

i missed you online. hope everything is well over your way :)

Mara Spires said...

Oh, this is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I know Sami will love it too!


tara said...

woah! awesome!!! how'd you make the charm or where did you get it made from? its really cool :D

L.A.French said...

Tara, You can buy the kit to make little pendants like this one at Annie Howes' etsy shop.

They're really pretty easy to do!