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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Journal Page 2/6

Thought I'd start sharing some of my crazily random journal pages. Here's the one from this past Sunday...yes!...Superbowl Sunday! We spent the morning at a crew competition for our son, then were home in time for the big game. Naturally, I was mostly interested in the commercials and 1/2 time show. Ha!

Click image to enlarge.


Prairiemouse said...

I absolutely love your journal pages and watching the superbowl with you from MILES away was fun. Thanks for sharing your Fav commercial too. I just love love love Darth Vader!

Juan said...

Wonderful Journal Page!!

the tweed fox said...

haha you caught all the cool things from the game. and yes the flyover is awesome, but how ARE they supposed to see it??