At least once a day, let your imagination get in the way! ~Issac Webb

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Illustration Friday - Imperfect

*I'm* perfect!
...just the way I am. :)

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Ray Ferguson said...

Very clever!

JaneA said...

And, every is perfect, just the way they are! Lovely sentiment, and great illustration.

Mindful Drawing said...

The Illustration Friday thumbnail showed only the head of this man and I thought 'This will relate Imperfect to Socrates'. Is he? :-)

Hi I'm Laurie... said...

Ahhh...Paula, you really are the "Mindful" One! Thank you for crediting my sketch with such possibly lofty meaning. It made me smile. I am, however, in the "don't think about it too hard - you may get a headache" camp when it comes to Socrates! :)

Visited your blog - loved it!